Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentor Dennis Britton

A major component of the McNair program and the graduate school preparation process is a directed research experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Mentors assist McNair scholars by introducing students to the nature and rigors of research, serving as role models, helping to build professional networks with other scholars in the fields, and participating in social as well as academic activities with the protégés.

Since the program’s inception at UNH in 1991, more than one hundred faculty members have served as McNair mentors, as well as numerable graduate students. By joining them, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an academically gifted individual and to help make a real difference for the mentee.

In addition to mentoring, faculty members may volunteer to serve as a panelist and/or guest lecturer for seminars, courses, and/or workshops held during the academic year and summer session. 

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