Basic Needs Support

We all face unanticipated challenges during our lives.  Sometimes these challenges for students include fundamental issues of food insecurity, housing and other financial concerns.  UNH has a variety of supports both on campus and in our community to provide support during difficult times.


Swipe it Forward is a program for UNH students who are challenged by food insecurity to confidentially request and receive meal swipes in the dining halls or as a Meal to Go or Meal Exchange.

Additional Resources

FoodPantries.orgFind your local food pantry

Waysmeet Cornucopia Food Pantry
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


plate of food


A fund is available to UNH students to pay for housing  during Thanksgiving, Spring Break and January Term.
Inn Between

For students experiencing emergency housing loss.
Emergency Support

During the short breaks of Thanksgiving and Spring Break
Short Term Breaks 

student dormitory room