Update on HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement Process Improvements - January 25, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this message finds you off to a great spring semester. We’re writing today to give you an update on Human Resources, Finance, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and Procurement process improvements. We appreciate your continued efforts to improve our institutional workflow and patience as we address those items. As mentioned in a university update in December , we are happy to announce a temporary helpline to field your questions about changes in the HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement processes. We hope this service will provide answers to your questions about the various changes that resulted from our work to improve business processes across UNH and the University System. 
The helpline is available immediately, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. –5 p.m. at (603) 862-4685. It will offer the following support functions: 

  • Help callers locate the resources, services and workflows for the most common HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement questions  
  • Provide callers with links to existing self-help knowledge base articles, job-aids, or tool kits from the offices listed below 
  • Escalate issues to administrators when necessary and connect customers to the appropriate subject matter experts to help them resolve issues 

Along with the helpline, the HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement teams have made available written documentation and support resources:

In addition, two additional updates were recently announced to facilitate procurement processes. The MicroPurchase threshold has been increased and the Exception to Bid process has also been streamlined. You can read more about these enhancements here. Of the major workstreams related to procurement improvements, 17 have been completed, three are in final testing and five are in their final stages of completion.

We will continue to update you as additional improvements are added. As we continue to invest in process improvements, you also have the ability to “Tell Us How We're Doing.” This links to a simple form where you can provide feedback and recommendations to help us continue to improve and serve you better or help us to identify and resolve issues quickly. You can also find the latest information and online support here. Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude for the many staff who have been working tirelessly to resolve these issues and all that have been helping to troubleshoot solutions.

Best regards,

James W. Dean, Jr.

Wayne Jones