Faculty Resource Guide

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The development of this Faculty Resource Guide was initiated and supported by the NSF-funded UNH ADVANCE program. It was developed to provide assistance and information to all faculty members, new and continuing, full-time and part-time, about faculty responsibilities, University procedures, and campus resources available to you. The intent of this manual is to collect materials from different publications, to combine this information into a single convenient reference, and to provide you with up-to-date information on University policies.

The guide provides an overview of the history and administrative structure of the University of New Hampshire. It also presents information on various processes and procedures you will encounter as a faculty member in your teaching, research, or service roles. The purpose of the guide is to give you a brief introduction concerning the most important topics that may relate to you as a faculty member. A link to more detailed information for each topic is often included after the brief introduction. You are encouraged to follow the links when topics are of interest to you. Some of the policies and procedures described in the Faculty Resource Guide apply only to certain types of faculty members, and the text or the included linked-in websites should reflect this.

In the event of any inconsistency between this guide and current University policy or the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the latter takes precedence.

For questions or changes to this Faculty Resource Guide please contact Christine M. Shea, Ph.D. at Christine.shea@unh.edu

Section 1: Overview of UNH
Section 2: Faculty Governance
Section 3: Faculty Employment Policies
Section 4: Faculty Development
Section 5: Policies and Procedures
Section 6: Teaching and Student Interactions