Procedures for Gift/Endowment Funded Scholarships

All department gift/endowment scholarship accounts that reference “need” in the Memorandum of Understanding will be treated in accordance with the guidelines established for University and Federal need-based financial aid. Department gift/endowment scholarship accounts decided by a faculty committee that do not specify “need” or “merit” will be used as merit awards. The remaining gift/endowment scholarship accounts that do not specify “need” or “merit” will be used as need based awards. Only students who have a demonstrated financial need based on University guidelines will be eligible to receive need based awards. A student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Renewal Application by the March 1. Refer to the Financial Aid website for application information and deadlines.

Students must re-apply for financial aid each year. Therefore, need levels may change from year to year leading to changes in eligibility for aid. Other adjustments may occur as a result of the following situations:

  • Student reduces credits
  • Change in student’s financial situation creates change in need level
  • Student receives resources from an outside source

The following procedure will be followed for gift/endowment Scholarships:

  • The Financial Aid Office will provide each Dean’s Office a list of students in the college who are eligible for need based financial aid. Lists will be made available after the first week in March.
  • Prior to final decisions, each Dean’s Office will send a list of possible recipients to the Financial aid Office by April 20th. The list will be verified by the Financial Aid Office to ensure a student is eligible for “need” within 2-3 working days from receipt of the list. If there are any students who are no longer eligible for “need”, the Financial Aid Office will notify the Dean’s Office.
  • Students should not be informed of an award until after the Financial Aid Office has confirmed that the student is eligible.
  • All final scholarship recipient listings for merit and need awards MUST BE RECEIVED by the Financial Aid Office by May 1st for the coming academic year. Awards that are based on need that are received after May 1st will NOT be processed.

Any award made outside these guidelines and/or communicated to a student not eligible for “need” will be charged to the department/Deans Office account.  Questions concerning student eligibility should be directed to Suzy Allen ( in the Financial Aid Office.


Endorsed by Deans Council 7/23/2003

Revised by Deans Council 10/5/2004

Revised by Deans Council 10/16/2006

Revised by Deans Council 12/6/2012