CIM Go Live Information

CIM Go Live Information
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The transition to a software system for curriculum management is a pivotal moment in our organization's growth and future!

Curriculum management is a continuous, multi-phased, collaborative process in which many different
academic and administrative units participate throughout the academic year across the university.

We understand change can be challenging, and we are committed to supporting the community to be successful using CIM.


Curriculum Management Website
Detailed information, deadlines, resources, policies, procedures and more.

When will users have access to CIM?
Monday, December 4 - Course and Program Forms go live
CIM officially replaces the existing course and program paper/pdf/SharePoint processes moving forward.

Who will have access to CIM?
UNH full-time faculty and designated staff members are being provisioned with accounts.

Where will users access CIM?
Login links, resources and more information will be posted on this webpage.

Provost Office CIM Workflow Deadline - March 15, 2024
Course and Program proposals must be at this workflow step in CIM for approval and inclusion in the 2024/2025 Academic Catalog.


Register for CIM training & bookmark this webpage!

CIM Training and Support Opportunities

Approver/Reviewer Workflow Training

November 29, 9-10:30am
November 29, 2-3:30pm
December 12, 2-3:30pm

January 10, 1-2:30pm


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For individuals and committee members in roles that review/approve proposals to add, modify or inactivate courses and programs as part of the curriculum management governance workflow. Learn how to navigate the approver workflow dashboard for proposals submitted in CIM. How to review, comment, edit, rollback and approve proposals will be covered.
A recording of the training will be available.

End User Training
Course & Program Form

December 1, 10-11:30am
January 8, 1-2:30pm

January 16, 10-11:30am

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For faculty and staff that typically initiate or assist with curriculum proposals for courses and programs. Learn how to navigate the CourseLeaf CIM dashboards and forms to submit proposals to add new, modify or inactivating existing courses and programs.
A recording of the training will be available.

Weekly Virtual Zoom
Support Hours

December 4 - Ongoing

Session Dates and Times

Sessions offered multiple times weekly and hosted by the Office of the Registrar to provide assistance and answer questions for faculty and staff using the CIM system. Get assistance with forms and submitting course and program proposals, miscellaneous requests, approval workflow and more.

Registration recommended but not required.

Additional Sessions will be scheduled for January, February and March.

Overview: Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

Course Management

Use CIM for Spring 2024 Proposals & Beyond

  • Propose New
  • Modify Existing
  • Inactivate Existing
  • View Proposal Status & History

Program Management

Use CIM for Academic Year 24/25 Proposals & Beyond

  • Propose New
  • Modify Existing
  • Inactivate/Close
  • View Proposal Status & History

Miscellaneous Requests

Use CIM for Academic Year 24/25 Proposals & Beyond

  • Academic Program Reviews (5/10 yr)
  • Course Special Fees
  • Pausing Admissions
  • Subject Prefixes
  • View Proposal Status & History

CourseLeaf Software Modules at UNH

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

(Course & Program Proposals)

CourseLeaf CIM is the curriculum management software the university uses to create and submit course and program proposals for review/approval through workflow governance. CIM helps simplify the curriculum process, no more coordinating disparate spreadsheets, manually routing documents, and struggling to find the latest versions. Instead, through dynamic forms and an intelligent workflow, CIM keeps the process streamlined, transparent, and moving forward.

Go Live December 4, 2023!

Section Scheduler (CLSS)

(Course Schedule/Time & Room)

CourseLeaf CLSS is the academic course scheduling software the university uses to manage the course schedule across departments to maximizing class placement and drive student success. Academic departments are responsible for determining course offerings each semester and utilize CLSS to plan, schedule, modify and publish course sections for an upcoming semester. Through dynamic forms and an intelligent workflow, CLSS keeps the process streamlined, transparent, and moving forward.

In use at UNH since 2022.

Catalog (CAT)

(Academic Catalog & Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities)

CourseLeaf CAT is the academic catalog software the university uses to review, revise and publish an accurate catalog of current courses, programs, academic policies and services annually with ease. The process is streamlined with CourseLeaf CAT from editing to publishing and archiving, while making it more organized, accurate, and easy to navigate and search. Through an intelligent workflow, and integration with CIM, updating and review processes are streamlined, transparent, and keep moving forward.

In use at UNH since 2017.

Read more about the CourseLeaf CIM implementation timeline, past updates, demos, case studies and more.

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Thanks & Gratitude
Thank you to all the academic and administrative units we've partnered with during this implementation project.
Your support, feedback, assistance in testing and patience have been critical and will continue to be as we navigate this transition together.