Courseleaf Implementation Projects

The University System of New Hampshire has partnered with Leepfrog Technologies to implement a comprehensive Catalog, Curriculum and Scheduling Management System called CourseLeaf.  Since 2017, UNH has been successfully using CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT), and improved many associated processes. The two additional new modules Section Scheduler (CLSS) and Curriculum (CIM) will modernize and streamline paper based class scheduling and curriculum management (program and course changes) processes.

This page is intended to provide general information and updates about the progress of the implementations. Questions? Contact, Assistant Registrar Catalog & Communications, Project Manager.

Section Scheduler (CLSS)

 Fall 2022 - Go Live



Project Kick Off

College & Department
Current State Process Captures

November Project Orientation w/CourseLeaf



Business Requirements
February CourseLeaf Builds Baseline
March-June Configuration/Customizations
July-August Active Development
September-October User Acceptance Testing
Late October Go-Live
November User Training
November Fall 2023 - Course Schedule Build Begins

Project Updates

Learn More About CLSS

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

 Go Live - Monday, December 4, 2023

CIM Go Live Information & Training Webpage

Implementation Timeline Overview



Project Kick Off

College/Dept/Program Offices
Current State Process Captures

May Project Orientation w/CourseLeaf
June-July Business Requirements
July-August Process Reviews
August-September CourseLeaf Builds Baseline Forms
October 11-12 Consultation/Form Customizations Identified
November-December Active Development/CourseLeaf Builds Form Customizations



User Acceptance Testing
Banner Bridge Configuration


Final QA and Move to Production Environments

November Training (virtual/recorded)
December 4 Go Live - CIM opens for proposals


Past project Updates

Learn More About CIM

New CIM Forms & Workflows

  • Course Form (propose new, modify or deactivate existing courses)
    • Integrated w/Course form:
      • Discovery Program Course Proposal
      • General Education Course Proposal (CPSO)
      • Honors Course Proposal
      • Writing Intensive Course Proposal
  • Program Form (propose new, modify or deactivate existing programs)
    • Integrated w/Program form:
      • Accelerated Master's Requests
  • Miscellaneous Forms:
    • Academic Program Review (5yr/10yr)
    • Course Attribute Request
    • Course Special Fee Request
    • Department Request
    • Pausing Program Admissions
    • Subject Prefix Request

Course Data Reviews Completed

  • Prerequisites (Coded for Fall 2023)
  • Equivalents (Coded for Fall 2023)
  • Mutually Exclusive (Coded for Fall 2023)
  • Attributes (Coded for Fall 2023)
  • Instructional Method (Coded for Fall 2023)
  • Schedule Type (Coded for Fall 2024)