PrintSmart Copier Program

PrintSmart with the Xerox MFD Copier Program FAQ

The USNH Purchasing Office has negotiated a contract agreement with Conway Office Solutions that provides access to Xerox multifunction devices (MFD) copiers that provide printing, faxing, scanning and copying all in one system.  Cost-effective, these machines offer a broad range of speeds and capacities.  Color enabled or strictly black & white MFD’s units are available.

Here some answers to commonly asked questions with regard to our program.

If we lease a Xerox MFD copier through the PrintSmart program what costs do we have to plan for?

All copiers are leased on a per page output basis. Current costs on color copiers are 3 cents ($ .03) per page for black & white output and seven and one half cents ($ .075) per page on color output. Units that are strictly black and white output are billed at two and one half cents per page ($ .025). Departments must supply the paper, staples and the Ethernet connection which is billed by UNH Telecom. A separate phone line will also be needed if the fax option is selected for your machine.

All other supplies and repair cost are covered under the lease. You do not have to purchase toner or developer kits for your devices – just call our vendor (Conway Office) when you need to be resupplied.

How do you determine what copier model a department should receive under the program?

Prior to machine placement, we do a site visit with our sales representative from Conway to look at your office layout and exam any current copiers or printers you have been using in the past. Form that information Conway selects and ships the proper model based on the usage requirements and features.  All units shipped to departments come with multiple input trays, scan-to-email function, and secure document handling. Further choices include color capability or strictly black and white output plus traditional fax support (phone line required).

Once we get our copier setup, how do we connect to it to print from our computers?

Any PrintSmart copier can be setup to use the UNH central IT Services print server (Baxter) so Windows computers that connect to the campus network just need to find the appropriate printer queue and double click on it to set it up and start printing (instructions are available on the UNH IT Knowledge Base online).

Apple Macs can also participate by using the specific Xerox driver for your copier and following instructions you can get from the PrintSmart support network (which includes the Conway technical support team, the UNH Printing Services PrintSmart liaison person and the UNH Service Desk).

Please note, currently the copiers do not support Apple AirPrint or direct print from Android devices on the UNH wireless network. Please contact one of the members of the support team if your device is not listed or you have a special custom situation.

Can more than one department in a location share a copier?

As long as departments can work out an arrangement to handle the billing for copies, plus provide the paper for the machine and supply the network connection, we can set up a system for you. There are multiple departments in many different locations on campus that currently do this at this time.

We may have a large numbers of users sharing our copier with a need to keep some documents private (like test keys, personnel letters, etc.). Can these machines insure only those folks that printed a document get that document?

Yes! The Xerox MFD copiers support a feature called secure print where you can assign a release code (password) to a document as you print it that will hold it in the queue until you get to the copier. You then look up the document in the queue on the machine, enter your release code, and you get your output.

If we do share a copier with another department and/or need to track usage to bill our costs to a grant can we have this included in the program?

Yes! Unlike a shared network printer the Xerox systems support accounting features that can allow you to track usage by either groups or individuals for both copies made and network printing that can be used to break out your quarterly billing into separate charges.  Accounting can also be used to set usage limits on individual users if needed. You do still need to have a responsible party for a machine to handle the billing but we can help you track that usage to recover costs or just monitor usage. There is no additional cost for this support for your operation.

Note: This is different from secure print in that your account code only gives you permission to print. Once accepted, your document goes directly to the printer for output. You can still use secure print if you have accounting enabled, just remember your release code will be different unless you use the same number twice!

We understand that the copier can be used as a scanner but our office is spread out over a large area in our building, so just how does that work?

All Xerox MFD copiers can be configured to support ‘scan to email’ where you can scan your document (or photo) and send it to your UNH email account. The scanner supports creating PDF files as well as several popular photo files (the default is set to PDF). To facilitate the feature, the machines can also be configured with a preloaded address book of email addresses for your staff so scanning becomes a simple series of menu selections to pick the person, pick the format, and send the document.

If we need help with our Xerox MFD copier, who can we call?

For repairs and supplies for your copier you can call Conway Office Solutions directly at 800-343-7777 and follow the prompts on their menu system. Please have the copier tag number with you when you call (it is located on the information tag on the machine along with the Conway phone number).  For help connecting over the network with your copier or using the scan-to-email function you can call either Conway Support (at the number above – hit 3 for the Help Desk), the UNH Service Desk at 862-4242 on campus or the UNH PrintSmart support line at 862-0535 (weekdays Mon-Thurs, 9:30-4:00).

Contact UNH Printing Services (862-0537) for additional information.