Bindery & Finishing

UNH Printing Services can cut, collate, insert, tab, fold, staple, label, bind and completely finish your binding job to create a professional look.
Binding options:

  • Thermal Tape (heated fabric with wax, similar to a perfect bound book)
  • Comb (often called spiral, round plastic)
  • Coil (round plastic that is one continuous piece)
  • Perfect - a wrap around cover, like commercial books
  • Saddle Stitch
  • Stapling
  • Shrink-wrapped (in clear plastic wrap)
  • Three-hole drilled (and put in binders)
Thermal tape bound book

Thermal Tape Bound Book

Comb bound book

Comb Bound Book

Coil bound book

Coil Bound Book

Saddle stitch bound book

Saddle Stitch Bound Book

Perfect bound book

Perfect Bound Book