Pick Up Locations & Delivery Times

mail clerk

Pickup/delivery times - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

All times are approximate and may vary according to volume, weather conditions, and extensive on-campus construction projects.

Google Map of Campus

Blue Campus Drop Boxes

There are five blue drop boxes on campus that can be used for FedEx, UPS, Stamped Mail, and mail that has a 6-digit mail code affixed.  Pick up for these boxes is at 2 p.m. each day. Please note, that mail dropped in these boxes may not be processed until the next business day.

Locations for these boxes are as follows:

  • Thompson Hall
    • Located in the parking lot.  
  • Stoke Hall
    • Located in front of the building.
  • Housing Building
    • Located next to the bus stop in front of the building. 
  • Hewitt Hall
    • Located next to the bus stop near the parking lot.
  • WildCat Statue
    • Located in front of the Whittemore Center Arena. 
Building Address  
1 Leavitt Lane    
10 Pettee Brook Lane    
Automotive Garage 213 Main St.  
Babcock Hall 14 McDaniel Drive  
Barton-Cole 34 Sage Way  
Chase Ocean Engineering Lab 24 Colovos Road  
Child Study & Development Center 22 O'Kane Road  
Conant Hall 10 Library Way  
Dairy Bar/Train Station 3 Depot Road  
Demeritt Hall 9 Library Way  
Dimond Library 18 Library Way  
Elliott Alumni Center 9 Edgewood Road  
Equine Center 278 Mast Road   
Facilities Services 6 Leavitt Lane  
Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center 36 O'Kane Road  
Farm Services Building 287 Mast Road  
Field House 145 Main Street  
Gregg Hall   35 Colovos Road  
Hamel Student Recreation Center 5 Edgewood Road  
Hamilton-Smith Hall 95 Main St.  
Health Sciences Simulation Center 24 Colovos Road  
Health Services 4 Pettee Brook Lane


Hewitt Hall

4 Library Way  
Hitchcock Hall 5 Quad Way  
Holloway Commons 75 Main St.  
Hood House 89 Main St.  
Horton Social Sciences Building 20 Academic Way  
Housing Office 10 Academic Way  
Huddleston Hall 73 Main St.  
Human Resources 2 Leavitt Lane  
IOL 21 Madbury Road Suite 100  
James Hall 56 College Road  
Kendall Hall 129 Main St.  
Kingsbury Hall 33 College Road  
McGregor EMS 47 College Road  
Memorial Union Building (MUB) 83 Main St.  
Morrill Hall 62 College Road  
Morse Hall 8 College Road  
Murkland Hall 15 Library Way  
Nesmith Hall 131 Main St.  
New England Center 15 Strafford Ave.  
New Hampshire Hall 124 Main St.  
NHPBS 268 Mast Road  
Parsons Hall 23 Academic Way  
Paul Creative Arts Center 30 Academic Way  
Perpetuity Hall 11 Leavitt Lane  
Peter T. Paul College  10 Garrison Ave.  
Pettee Hall 55 College Road  
Ritzman Lab 22 Colovos Road  
Rudman Hall 46 College Road  
Service Building 51 College Road  
Smith Hall 3 Garrison Ave.  
Stillings Dining Hall 20 Ballard St.  
Stoke Hall 11 Garrison Ave.  
Taylor Hall 59 College Road  
Telecom Bldg 50 College Road  
The Gables 40 Gables Way  
Thompson Hall 105 Main St.  
UNH Police Department 18 Waterworks Road  
USDA Forest Service 271 Mast Road  
Visitor Center/Parking Office 20 Sage Way  
Whittemore Center 128 Main St.  
Williamson - Zone 5 24 Evergreen Drive  
Wolff House 2 Pettee Brook Lane  
Woodside Apartments 60 Strafford Ave.  
Zais Hall 45 College Road