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  • In person at Printing Services at 10 West Edge Drive, Durham, NH
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Adobe PDF, Postscript, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel and many others formats.

Printing Services works within both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Yes. Call us at (603) 862-0537 or submit your order Online and indicate you want an estimate. Someone will contact you shortly.

Yes. We have many customers from the local community and throughout the state.

Save as PDF for digital prints; native files are best for offset print or if adjustments, changes or corrections need to be made.

Supply us with all fonts (both screen and printer) and linked images and graphics. InDesign has a “preflight” option and Publisher has “Pack & Go” that prepares your files for a commercial printer. If you’re unsure, give us a call at (603) 862-0537.

Yes. A blank sheet of paper printed in black ink is considered a one-color job. A job printed in black and university blue (PMS 661) is two-color job; three inks, three-color. 

We can scan your photograph. Digital photos need to be a high enough resolution- generally 300 dpi. For posters, 100 dpi at the size it is being printed is the optimal resolution.

The Internet is a good source for images and graphics but most is very low resolution.

Quality sites include:

Yes. Our staff can meet with you to discuss your needs and suggest ideas and trends to provide different copying and printing options to fit any budget.

Yes. We print large posters, vinyl banners, signs, flags etc. on many different types of media up to 59” wide by any length. We have material suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can print customized wallNoodle® that is Housing Department approved.

Certainly. We can create your presentation binders, produce PowerPoint slides on transparencies, print tab dividers, make nametags, etc. We also can print customized pocket folders in quantities from 5 - 500, and larger amounts as well. Just contact us to schedule an appointment.

The default settings preloaded in Adobe Acrobat are for onscreen viewing only. You can change the settings to a higher resolution in the option menu. This will result in the same high resolution you see online.

Regular copy paper is usually 20# paper. For two-sided projects or paper with a little more substance, 24# or 60# is the same weight and a little thicker. 80# text is great for color brochures or projects with lots of graphics and heavy solids.

Cover stock choices include 65# or 67#, the lightest weight. Substantially heavier than regular paper, it is not as thick or durable. 80# cover stock is great for book and report covers, business cards, postcards, etc. 100# - 120# is very thick and is great for the covers of bigger books, and reports and small posters.

Print jobs that have multiple quantities of the same item on each page, such as business cards or bookmarks, take fewer sheets of paper. So if you have a postcard file on 8.5 x 11 paper and you have four postcards per page, and you want 1,000 postcards, we only need to run 250 sheets: 250 sheets "cuts to yield" 1,000 finished pieces.

Excel works best for address files.  Please keep things uniform in set up and only include information pertaining to the actual addressing of the piece.  Remove all other information before submitting such as ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers etc. 

Also each address line can only contain a maximum of 45 characters including spaces.  So Professor works much better than getting too specific ie: Professor of Physical Sciences and Eduction and Intrim Associate Director.  You will need to decide which is more important to the piece being delivered correctly.  Professor or Intrim Associate Director.  


NAME 1     NAME 2     TITLE     COMPANY     ADDRESS 1     ADDRESS 2     CITY     ST     ZIP     COUNTRY

Be aware that all mail leaving the US (with the exception of postcards) is required by law to be in an envelope (which we do not supply) so if your address file contains foreign addresses please send us the appropriate amount of envelopes.

Requests for campus mailing lists need to be submitted via TeamDynamix. Once completed the request will automatically be sent to HR.Services@unh.edu.  HR will then notify you of the count as well and send over to mail services.  

Any questions please contact HR at (603) 862-1400 or hr.services@unh.edu