Mailing Lists

The U.S. Postal Service requires us to check mailing lists against a secure dataset which contains millions of permanent change-of-address (NCOA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a NCOA. The product enables us to process mailing lists and update them with the new addresses before using the lists for a mailing. Avoid first class rates—only lists run through NCOA qualify for standard (bulk) rates.

Mailing Lists and Directories

NCOA Mailing List Requirements

What is it?

We are required by law to run your bulk mailing list through National Change of Address (NCOA) software to remove undeliverable addresses from your list prior to mailing. 

Why do it?

We have to. Plus, it’s sustainable, helping to lessen wasted postage and unnecessary printing and energy expenses. 

What does it mean for you?

Updated addresses, as well as those that fail, will be returned to you, once we have completed your mailing, so that you can update your list.

What if you label the mailing in your office?

You still need to send us your list ( before you print your labels. There is a charge of .02 per address that requires payment with a non-postage encumbrance number. There is also an additional charge of .04 per piece to verify the mailing is in zip code order when it's returned to us for mailing.

What will I receive from Mailing Services after my list is processed?

  • NCOA summary in pdf form: Which you need to print and submit with your job as proof to the U.S. Postal Service that you complied with NCOA regulations.
  • NCOA results in an Excel file.
  • An Excel file called NCOA RESULTS KEY that will explain the codes and how to clean up your database.
  • Your file in zip code order after all changes have been made. Please use this file and keep it in zip code order to receive bulk mail postage discounts.

Questions? Call Dave Roscoe at (603) 862-3711.