Pre-Press & Graphic Design

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UNH Printing Services offers complete graphic design services. Just submit a camera-ready file, we ensure your files are properly prepared for the print and create press proofs for your approval.

File Submission Guidelines

Printing Services works on both PC and MAC platforms. PDF files work the best.

Alternate file formats such as Word, JPG or Powerpoint files often do not print correctly and may be subject to additional fees.

Submit a press quality PDF file as well as a copy of your native graphic design or page layout file, along with all packaged images, fonts, graphics and linked files.

Include graphics, scanned photographs, and digital images. A hard copy sample or mock up will provide a visual comparison when doing pre-flight checks.


Supply all desired fonts, including printer and screen fonts. Missing, substituted or inexpensive Web fonts can cause printing issues. Some software programs allow you to apply certain styles (italic, bold, etc.) to a plain font. These stylized fonts don’t always print well. Be sure to use a proper font family.


Include all graphic EPS or TIFF files. Bitmap line art should be at least 600 dpi. Black and White, grayscale images and full color images should be 300 dpi. For large format poster/banner digital printing, 200 dpi is sufficient at 100 percent the size images are being printed.

Note: Most World Wide Web images too low a resolution to use in a quality printed piece.


Most publishing and page layout programs have a mask command that will trap a photo inside a box so that the photo does not extend outside the box area. This feature is the preferred method to mask a photo to a box, as many problems arise when a photo is manually cropped, and you can’t see if it fills the frame extends outside of the box.

Bleeds And Pages

Build all pages to 100 percent of their trim size. If you have images, graphics or text blocks that bleed, extend those at least an 1/8th of an inch past your page boundary. Do not scale your pages.


Include a laser printout mock-up of all pages. Print proofs at 100 percent of the finished size including the bleeds and marks. Do not scale and make mini-proofs. This will allow you and us to make sure the file is set up with the appropriate bleeds, etc. It is especially important to fold the mock-up as the finished job will be folded to assure the file is set up correctly.