Tan Dao

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: Dr. Jiadong Zang,  Department of Physics

The Topological Hall Effect in Magnet Systems with Broken Inversion Symmetry

Magnetic materials are crucial in the development of memory and data storage devices, aspolarized spins in magnets are being used to hold information. As technology advances, we needmore powerful data storage devices to store large amounts of information. Magnetic skyrmion isa great candidate for future memory devices due to its nanoscale structure and topologicallyrobustness. So far, the best transport signature of the magnetic skyrmions is the so-calledtopological Hall effect, in which electrons move sideways traversing skyrmions. However, thephenomenon of the topological Hall effect might have originated from other mechanisms. Inparticular, a giant topological Hall effect was reported in transition metal oxides, but thepresence of skyrmions therein remains elusive. Therefore, a new model to explain themechanism for the topology Hall effect is of urgent need, and the transport footprint ofskyrmions must be unequivocally identified. Here, working with Prof. Zang from the physicsdepartment, I propose to theoretically model skyrmion materials in the presence of non-magneticimpurities, and employ high-performance numerical simulations to characterize the topologicalHall effect therein. Fully understanding the mechanism for the topological Hall effect willsolidify our understanding of the magnetic skyrmions and opens up many exciting applications..


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