Tahirah Shider

Tahirah Shider

Chicago State University

Early Childhood Education


Mentor: Dr. Justus Ogembo, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Communication Between Mothers & Their Adolescent Children

This work uses a TV-Talk show and library research to analyze factors that influence communication between mothers and their adolescent children. Though talk shows are contrived to entertain, they are a legitimate source of data; they re-enact and dramatize aspects of social life – in this study, the breakdown of communication between mothers and their teen children – on a universal scale. Results from previous research done on this topic (Becker-Stoll, et al., 2001) are used to assess the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of mothers and their adolescents on the TV-Talk show. Findings from this research suggest that domestic issues like divorce, remarriage, sibling conflict, and structural issues like socioeconomic status of families play a key role in the level of communication between mothers and their adolescent children. Talk shows, motivated by the profit motive and the desire to entertain, do not address these factors and therefore serve to foster miscommunication between social classes on a grand scale.

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