Martha Kelly

Martha Kelly

University of New Hampshire

Medical Laboratory Science


Mentor: Dr. Sandra Rehan, Department of Biological Sciences

Bee Abundance and Biodiversity in Southern New Hampshire

The proposed project is to survey the abundance and diversity of bees that live in different settings of New Hampshire, comparing the population size to the amount of human disturbance in sampled area. Another part of the experiment is to classify what kind of bees live in New Hampshire. North American bees as well as bees from around the world have been facing decline and may become endangered in the future if nothing is done. With knowledge gained from this experiment, more people can be educated on the importance of bees and an effort can be made for the protection of pollinators worldwide. Areas with the most human disturbance are expected to harbor the lowest abundance and biodiversity. For example, areas with the most occurrences of mowing and other human activity will have greater disturbance levels than areas without. Additionally, bees found in New Hampshire are expected to match biodiversity surveys in other states.

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