Julissa Freund

University of New Hampshire

Environmental Engineering 


Mentor: Dr. Jim Malley,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Evaluating the Societal, Economical, and Environmental Aspects of Providing Clean Safe Drinking Water to Small Communities--Case Study Rollinsford, NH Water and Sewer District

Drinking water is essential in a person’s everyday life. However, not everyone has access to clean drinking water. This research will explore the societal, economical, and environmental issues that are involved in helping a small system deliver clean, safe, affordable drinking water. Studying and working with the nearby community of Rollinsford, New Hampshire, will help researchers understand these issues and hopefully solve Rollinsford’s problems. As a small community that has approximately 2,600 people, Rollinsford wrestles with many challenges, such as a need for optimization of their existing corrosion control strategy due to recent lead and copper rule violations. The community of Rollinsford also has issues with naturally occurring arsenic in one of its water supply wells. By expanding their website to include the latest information on lead, copper, and arsenic as well as answering their frequently asked questions through social media like twitter and facebook, the community will better understand the challenges it faces. To develop the best possible economic and environmental options for Rollinsford’s drinking water, we established a direct partnership with the town’s water facility operations staff to assist with laboratory research, water analyses and implementation of cost-effective solutions. People in Rollinsford will be better informed and the water quality will consistently meet all standards, thereby better protecting the public health of the people of Rollinsford. Lessons learned from the Rollinsford case study will provide knowledge and experience that can then be applied to communities everywhere.


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