Joseph Hayes

Joseph Hayes

Jackson State University



Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Mebert, UNH Department of Psychology

Autobiographical Memories

Can you recall a memory from your childhood? How about recalling a memory that made you sad, happy, or just a memory that you hold true and dear? These memories that you might have recalled are called autobiographical memories. These memories are what make us who we are and separate us from others. Recent studies have shown that depression can affect the recollection of these memories. Studies have also shown that attachment style has a role in depression. The aim of this study is to investigate the role that one's attachment to parent can play in the relationship between depression and the recollection of memories. A group of 100 college students participated in the study using the Inventory of Parent and Peer assessment, a questionnaire, and Beck's Depression Inventory. The participants were asked to recall various memories. The data was analyzed using SPSS.



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