Graduate School Application Fee Waivers

Intended only for undergraduate students enrolled in the McNair Scholars Program.

Application-fee waivers are available under certain circumstances. Applicants to graduate programs who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and can demonstrate either financial need or participation in certain specialized programs listed (ex: McNair) on the fee-waiver application may apply for an application-fee waiver.

The list of graduate schools which currently offer fee waivers and/or application incentives to McNair Fellows and low-income applicants is currently accessible by linking to the Council for Opportunity in Education.

Because the list is updated regularly, it is the most current source of information. Remember, if you are applying to any of these schools, or if you are applying to a school that is not included on the list, you should contact their admissions office and/or the department to which you are applying to find out what documents, if any, you will need to submit in order to obtain an application fee waiver.

Do not assume that you can send in an application with no check or explanation. This will result in your application being unprocessed and returned.

As always, if you have any questions regarding fee waivers, do not hesitate to contact the UNH McNair Office.