Gessie Belizaire

Gessie Belizaire

University of Rhode Island

African American History


Mentor: Dr. Funso Afolayan, UNH Department of History

Historical Impact – Inequality in Haiti, and the Perceptions it has left on the People

This research will explore the inequality in Haiti through the political, social, as well as economic instability within its failing government. The purpose of this qualitative/interview style research is to seek to understand the role that history has played in Haiti’s present political and socioeconomic status. In this project the researcher is aims to discover how Haiti’s failed system of government perpetuates the socioeconomic inequalities that the people of Haiti have and are currently experiencing, which hinders the progress of Haiti and that of its people. This work also seeks to examine the perceptions of progress or how progress has been stalled in Haiti, as it is told by the Haitian participants who are being interviewed for the documentary.



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