Zlatan Zuka

Zlatan Zuka

University of New Hampshire

Chemical Engineering


Mentor: Dr. Ihab Farag, UNH Department of Chemical Engineering

Comparative Study of Biodiesel from Microalgae Grown in Wastewater vs. Freshwater

The purpose of this research is to investigate if oil-rich algae can be grown and harvested in UV treated wastewater and compare its oil yield to that of the same algae grown in freshwater. We will compare algae growth and the oil yield of algae grown in freshwater, UV treated wastewater, and a 50/50 mixture of wastewater and freshwater. If this is successful it will reduce the cost of making biodiesel from algae oil while utilizing a waste product. The outcome of this investigation will be a cost effective process to produce algae oil and biodiesel from wastewater.



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