Nyomi Guzman

Nyomi Guzman

University of New Hampshire

Communication and Women’s Studies


Mentor: Dr. James Farrell, UNH Department of Communication

Interracial Couples in Romance Films: Fact or Fantasy

My research project involves the analysis of the social and relational difficulties and communication strategies used by black/white interracial couples, as they are depicted in romance films produced from 1992 to 2012. Existing studies in the Communication discipline suggest that one understands personal interaction within interracial couple relationships by examining four key components. These different components are Intimacy, difference, communication patterns, and social hierarchy. The purpose of my research is to investigate whether romance films depicting relationships of black and white interracial couples accurately portray the communication challenges of real interracial couples, as revealed by social science research. This research will illuminate how Hollywood films portray the social, relational and communication dynamics of interracial relationships. To do this research, I will watch twenty popular romance films produced over the past twenty years to analyze the depicted relationships by applying the lessons from social science research. This analysis will assist us in better understanding how Hollywood films might influence our collective understanding of the complexity of interracial romantic relationships.



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