Maria Carrasquillo

Maria Carrasquillo

University of New Hampshire

Political Science/International Affairs


Mentor: Dr. Mary Malone, UNH Department of Political Science

Moving South Instead of North: Understanding How Immigration has Changed in Central American and How it Will Impact Costa Rica

The purpose of this study is to analyze and understand current changes in migration patterns within the region of Central America and how those changes will impact Costa Rica. As of 2008 the number of legal permanent residents entering the United States from a number of Central American countries has decreased while the number of legal permanents residents in southern Central American countries such as Costa Rica has increased. The changes in these migration patterns show that immigrants in Central America have begun to immigrate south to prosperous Central American countries such as Costa Rica rather than follow the usual route north to the United States. Using statistics from the World Bank organization and opinion data from the Latin American Public Opinion Survey, as well as other sources, this project will examine the economic and social impact that the new migration trends will have on Costa Rica.



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