Elizabeth Adejuyigbe

Elizabeth Adejuyigbe

University of New Hampshire

Health Management and Policy


Mentor: Dr. Robert McGrath, UNH Health Management and Policy

Do Neighborhood Characteristics Have an Effect on the Prevalence of Asthma in Children?

Nine million American children under the age of eighteen suffer from asthma (Drapkin, 2005). Studies link the causes of asthma the interaction between genetics and the environment (Duffy, Mitchell & Martin, 1998). However, despite this knowledge there is still a high prevalence of asthma in children, suggesting that other factors may affect the development of the disease. Some scholars posit that there is a need to understand asthma and its associated risk factors within the social and neighborhood contexts (Wright & Subramanian, 2007). This study examines the occurrence of asthma in children based on the neighborhood contexts, physical characteristics, and socioeconomic status. The results of this research will improve our understanding of the disease and lead to effective interventions that prevent or inhibit asthma through social and environmental aspects of care in children worldwide.



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