Spring 2024 Issue

Spring 2024 Issue
Mill Pond dam

Feature Article

Celebrating Twenty Years of Inquiry

—Sarah Nicholls and Anna Scheifele

Mentor Highlights

Research Articles

—Melanie Burley (Mentor: Jennifer Dijkstra)
Melanie investigates the effects dissolved oxygen and water temperature on tunicates, a marine species in the Gulf of Maine. Learn More
—MJ Condon (Mentor: Esmaeil Bahalkeh)
MJ uses economic data to perform a meta-analysis of the quality of care for nursing home facilities in New Hampshire. Learn More
—Drew Dickinson (Mentor: Lawrence C. Reardon)
Drew explores the magnitude and differences of internal and external debt from a ten-year period using data from archives and analytical sources. Learn More
—Nadine Emil’ (Mentor: Kristen Johnson)
Nadine's research delves into the role of cilia, an antenna-like cell structure, on the progression of pancreatic cancer. Learn More
—Kieran Newcomb (Mentor: Nicholas Smith)
Kieran's philosophical study explores the impact artificial intelligence could have on our judicial systems. Learn More
—Caroline Savage (Mentor: Remington Moll)
Caroline's research uses video cameras to monitor how wildlife species utilize a den site in the Cleveland, Ohio Metroparks. Learn More
— Sana Syed (Mentor: Nikhil Tomar)
Sana uses ethnography to study the clubhouse model of mental illness treatment. Learn More


— Jillienne Robinson-Warren (Mentor: R. Scott Smith)
Jillienne traces her research process of developing a textbook on Roman women and travel. Learn More

Research Briefs

—Jack Reynolds (Mentor: Kyung Jae Jeong)
Jack Reynolds shares the secrets of tissue engineering. Learn More
—Amir Robertson (Mentor: Jolie Wormwood)
Research on emotion expression has been done with models who fit within the gender binary. Amir's study aims to change that. Learn More
—Julia Ward (Mentor: Julie Bryce)
Julia's research measures the mercury present around the Mill Pond Dam, a key factor in the removal project. Learn More