Spring 2021 Issue

Spring 2021 Issue
Samuel Mercer in UNH research lab

Research Articles

—Ciara Devereaux and Grace McGrew (Mentor: Jolie B. Wormwood)
Inspired by their own experiences viewing fitspiration on Instagram, Ciara and Grace explored how these posts affect mental health. Learn More
—Jennika Mannesto (Mentor: Jill M. Trumbell)
Observation is a key component of human development and family studies. An aspiring teacher, Jennika shares her research on human behavior. Learn More
—Daniel J. Okuniewicz Jr. (Mentor: Anne Lightbody)
Daniel's research shows how understanding river measurements can help us plan for land management and climate change effects such as flooding. Learn More
—Carli Rita (Mentor: Sarah Smith)
Carli planned her occupational therapy research for a telehealth format. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her research became even more relevant. Learn More
—Kylie Smith (Mentor: Rose Pruiksma)
Kylie’s research into the experiences of music composers who were refugees during World War II inspired an interest in today’s refugee musicians. Learn More
—Tyler Stetson (Mentor: Caitlin Mills)
Effective communication in a virtual environment is more important than ever. Tyler's research focused on nuances of computer-mediated communication. Learn More
—Hayden Stinson (Mentor: Rachel Steindel Burdin)
Hayden explores the interrelation of social identity, language variation, and context in this analysis of gay male speech in New Hampshire. Learn More


—Tristan Anderson (Mentor: Karl J. Slifer)
Tristan hopes to energize readers about nuclear physics by sharing what he has learned from research in this field. Learn More
—Ben Mackillop (Mentor: Dante J. Scala)
Ben Mackillop’s research into NH politics was perfectly timed in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. Learn More
—Samuel Mercer (Mentor: Nan Yi)
The year 2020 forced many undergraduates to shift their carefully crafted research plans and revise their focus due to campus and lab closures. Learn More
—Aliya Sarris (Mentor: Holly Cashman)
Aliya transcribed oral histories of LGBTQ+ community members in the Seacoast area and learned the value of researcher positionality. Learn More

Mentor Highlights