Research Articles

Research articles describe research and creative projects in all the disciplines and are authored by UNH undergraduates or recent graduates in collaboration with Inquiry student and staff editors. They should not exceed 2500 words (excluding bibliography). These articles are based on research reports or essays written for a course or independent study. Because of the relatively short length and general audience of research articles, their authors often choose to narrow or refocus their original text. The research experience is held to be as important as research results.

—Ciara Devereaux and Grace McGrew (Mentor: Jolie B. Wormwood)
Inspired by their own experiences viewing fitspiration on Instagram, Ciara and Grace explored how these posts affect mental health. Learn More
—Jennika Mannesto (Mentor: Jill M. Trumbell)
Observation is a key component of human development and family studies. An aspiring teacher, Jennika shares her research on human behavior. Learn More
—Daniel J. Okuniewicz Jr. (Mentor: Anne Lightbody)
Daniel's research shows how understanding river measurements can help us plan for land management and climate change effects such as flooding. Learn More
—Carli Rita (Mentor: Sarah Smith)
Carli planned her occupational therapy research for a telehealth format. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her research became even more relevant. Learn More
—Kylie Smith (Mentor: Rose Pruiksma)
Kylie’s research into the experiences of music composers who were refugees during World War II inspired an interest in today’s refugee musicians. Learn More
—Tyler Stetson (Mentor: Caitlin Mills)
Effective communication in a virtual environment is more important than ever. Tyler's research focused on nuances of computer-mediated communication. Learn More
—Hayden Stinson (Mentor: Rachel Steindel Burdin)
Hayden explores the interrelation of social identity, language variation, and context in this analysis of gay male speech in New Hampshire. Learn More