Commentaries are short articles (around 1000 words) which can address a variety of issues relating to research, mentoring or scholarship. Topics might include a research experience, the social and political implications of a line of research, the application of an academic theory to current events, observations about academic life here at the University of New Hampshire or elsewhere—or something entirely different that the editors have not envisioned. Commentaries are usually focused more on personal experience than are research articles, and may be written by students, faculty or staff at UNH. Graduates of the University are encouraged to look back on their undergraduate research experience and its place in their personal and professional lives.

—Tristan Anderson (Mentor: Karl J. Slifer)
Tristan hopes to energize readers about nuclear physics by sharing what he has learned from research in this field. Learn More
—Ben Mackillop (Mentor: Dante J. Scala)
Ben Mackillop’s research into NH politics was perfectly timed in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. Learn More
—Samuel Mercer (Mentor: Nan Yi)
The year 2020 forced many undergraduates to shift their carefully crafted research plans and revise their focus due to campus and lab closures. Learn More
—Aliya Sarris (Mentor: Holly Cashman)
Aliya transcribed oral histories of LGBTQ+ community members in the Seacoast area and learned the value of researcher positionality. Learn More