Research Article

—Samantha DiNatale (Mentor: Kurk Dorsey)
With an interest in environmental history, Samantha dove deep into a case study of a proposed Durham, NH oil refinery. Learn More
—Alexis Eaton (Mentor: Paula Mouser)
To study how toxic chemicals break down in wastewater, Alexis tested a semi-permeable membrane bioreactor at the Exeter, NH treatment plant. Learn More
—Keegan Eveland (Mentor: Laura Kloepper)
Keegan explores the use of echolocation within swarms of bats using audio and video data collected using help from a trained hawk. Learn More
—Taylor Harper (Mentor: Barbara Jago)
Using a unique combination of research and storytelling, Taylor investigated the impact of childhood parental divorce on adult relationships. Learn More
—Ian Lindberg (Mentor: David Bachrach)
Drawing on historical sources from nearly a millennium ago, Ian uses 3D engineering software to model siege towers from the First Crusade. Learn More
—Hannah Manning (Mentor: Sergios Charntikov)
Using rat models, Hannah set out to experiment with a novel approach to understanding vulnerability to alcohol-use relapse. Learn More
—August Murray (Mentor: Sean McLaughlin)
August evaluated research on climate change adaptation strategies to determine which might work best for ski slopes the Granite State. Learn More
—Sarah Nicholls (Mentor: Matthew MacManes)
The cactus mouse is a species of mammal that can survive without ever drinking water. Sarah’s genomic research aims to crack the code on their DNA. Learn More
—Violet Sullivan (Mentor: Summer Cook)
As a runner and exercise science major, Violet combined interests to investigate the benefits of a new rehabilitation technique. Learn More
—Charlotte Thomas (Mentor: Kang Wu)
Proteins are a valuable bioengineering tool limited by their fragility. Charlotte's research aimed to help scientists overcome this challenge. Learn More