University Commission on Community, Equity and Diversity

The University Commission on Community, Equity, and Diversity provides university-wide leadership to support the development and success of our students, staff and faculty and institutional diversity initiatives. This group is part of the institution’s collective efforts to leverage diversity to improve productivity, create a sense of togetherness and ensure that students, staff and faculty experience a greater sense of engagement and belonging, which, in turn, has a direct impact on recruitment and persistence. The Commission is formed around a shared identity, common bond and a commitment to invest in the advancement and professional development of historically marginalized/underrepresented groups, challenging stereotypes, eradicating systemic inequalities and oppression, and creating a campus climate of respect for all students, staff and faculty.

Mission of the University Commission on Community, Equity, and Diversity

-To advise and inform the President’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate on issues pertaining to access for all to thrive and achieve academic and personal success in whatever way they define it;
-To create working groups and standing committees that are focused on programming for education, outreach and general awareness-building;
-To present proposals for services, policy changes and practices that work towards building equitable, safe, more welcoming, universally accessible learning, working and living environments;
-To be alert for discriminatory incidents, as well as monitor evidence of progress; to listen to reports of incidents and recommend actions to the President’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate.

2018-2019 Members

Raul Bernal, Director of Career and Professional Development, COLA
Holly Cashman, Assoc prof of Spanish
Monica Chiu, (Chair), Interim Director of Office of Community, Equity and Diversity
Amy Culp, Director, Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program
Tara Flippo, Clinical Asst Prof., Dept of Kinesiology, and Browne Center
Sumeyra Gok, Graduate Student, Graduate Student Senate
Michelle Grenier, (Vice-Chair) Health & Physical Education Option Coordinator, Dept of Kinesiology
Isaiah Iboko, Coordinator, Special Student Programs, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Nelson Idahosa, Undergrad student
Isabelle Kapoian, Undergrad student
Emily Kyker-Snowman, Graduate student
Kayode Lewis, Recreational Sports Coordinator, Hamel Rec Center
Kimberly Marsh, Benefits Manager, Human Resources
Andres Mejia, Director, Connect Program
Tobey Partch-Davis, Project Director, Institute on Disability
Jamie Silverstein, Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life, MUB
Mary Young, Communications Project Manager, UNHM

October 23, 2018

At UNH, we are committed to creating a community that values and shows respect for all its
members. Our university's nondiscrimination policy states that:

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or marital status.

We are also reminded by the Students Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities Handbook that part of
the respect for community members expected of all of us includes a willingness to:

Accept persons whose race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ability, sexual orientation,
gender identity or expression, veteran status, marital status or age may differ from one’s own.

Please know too, that our UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy remains IN
EFFECT to ensure the protection of persons’ gender identity and expression and all supportive
initiatives to ensure persons’ ability to express their gender identity or expression to ensure
access to and while participating in all of UNH programs, services and activities.

We encourage any students, faculty, and staff who may be experiencing distress due to the
tenor of the current national dialogue around gender to reach out and seek out support from
trusted sources, whether family or friends, colleagues or community leaders, faculty or staff
members. We also want to reaffirm our support of transgender students, faculty, and staff at
UNH, and express our hope that should a re-definition of gender designed to undermine
protections and benefits for transgender people be formally proposed by the Trump
Administration, the university will clearly and unequivocally articulate our intention to stand by
the definition of ‘gender identity or expression’ as intended when that language was added to
our university's nondiscrimination policy.