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Our office serves as the central organizational structure to direct, monitor, advance, and support diversity efforts at the University.

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President's Statement on Diversity

The University of New Hampshire is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  All the elements of our mission as a public, land-grant institution—education, research, and service—are enhanced by honoring these values. A diverse faculty, staff, and student body reflects our current world and the global workforce our students will have the opportunity to enter after graduation.  Discussions both in and out of the classroom benefit from a wide array of backgrounds by exposing students to various viewpoints and experiences. Diversity also enriches the intellectual life of the university by broadening the perspectives we bring to our research and service, thus improving the solutions we develop for important problems.

Ensuring equity and inclusion for members of our community means that everyone feels truly welcome at UNH and can focus squarely on achieving their potential and pursuing their dreams.  Public universities at their best provide great opportunities for all talented people, and an inclusive environment is the necessary catalyst for this outcome. 

We acknowledge that UNH has not been and is not today a fully inclusive university, but we continue to aspire to live up to our mission by committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion and by taking action that showcases that commitment.


James Dean

President Dean

Office of Community, Equity and Diversity
Thompson Hall, Room G14
Durham, NH 03824


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