MLK Programs & Events

28th annual UNH Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

James Baldwin said "The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you can alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality,  you can change the world."
This year's tribute to MLK will focus on the use of music and dialogue to help us engage in a culture of compassion and awaken us to solidarity and liberation.


The Truth Telling Project

At UNH, it means opening our community as a listening space for stories that change the way we see things.

In February, The Truth Telling Collective activists-in residence (Kristine Hendrix and Asia Dorsey) lived on campus as educators 
& organizers, attended classes and trainings to deepen understandings of current issues impacting communities and campuses across the U.S.

They sat down with UNH Social Media team to discuss their time at UNH, what they hoped to accomplish while on campus and what impact our community has made on them

Use this link to listen the 20 min UNH PodCast

A special thank you to all are contributors below for sponsoring our February month-long list of programs, events and activities.

This year we came together to  . . .

  • hear the sound and words from nationally renowned musician/author Rev Sekou and his band.
  • 100+ students volunteered for the Day of Service with the Office of Community Service.  They wrote letters to Armed Forces, cleaned and organized the Waysmeet food pantry, assembled trail mix bags, sewed superhero capes for children in homeless shelters and collected blankets to donate to Project Linus
  • 200+ staff, faculty and students attended various dialogue sessions with Truth Telling Collective's Activist in Residence
  • Co-sponsored the MLK Current Lecture Series with undercover police sargeant Ron Stallworth who infiltrated the KKK.


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