Graduate Student Wan-Jean Lee

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Jaime Nolan
Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity

Thompson Hall, Office of the President
TEL# (603) 862-1058, or 2-2800
Email: Jaime Nolan


Sylvia Foster
Educational Program Coordinator
Thompson Hall, G14
TEL# (603) 862-1058
Email: Sylvia Foster

Janice Pierson
Administrative Coordinator
Thompson Hall, G14
TEL# (603) 862-1058
Email: Janice Pierson

Affirmative Action and Equity Office

Contact Donna Marie Sorrentino, Director  and Title IX Coordinator
TEL # (603) 862-2930

Educational Talent Search (TRIO)

Contact Debora McCann, Director
TEL # (603) 862-1562

McNair Scholars Program (TRIO)

Contact Tammy Gewehr, Director
TEL # (603) 862-0088

Military and Veterans Affairs

Contact Karen Gilbert, Veterans Support Specialist
TEL # (603) 862-3480

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Contact Sean McGhee, Director
TEL # (603) 862-0324

Upward Bound (TRIO)

Contact Joshua Gagnon, Interim Director
TEL # (603) 862-3859