Employee Discounts

Employee Discounts Intro

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Most services require proof of a valid UNH identification. These discounts may be discontinued at any time by the providers/vendors without notice.  If you have questions please email HR at HR.Communications@unh.edu.

UNH IS A SECTION 501(c)(3) NONPROFIT EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION. Its employees may be entitled to discounts on the purchase of goods and services used in University business, such as supplies, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc.

When making arrangements for travel or purchasing goods or services for University business, employees should ask vendors or USNH Procurement Services (2-2896) about the availability of discounts for employees of nonprofit educational organizations. USNH Procurement should be contacted for copies of state exemption certificates if required for proof of eligibility of state exemption. The Controller's Office (2-1620) should be contacted for a copy of our federal IRS Determination Letter.