University Alerts & Storm Information

Curtailment notification announcements are made by 4 am, when possible. The decision to curtail operations is made because road conditions are dangerous, the campus is unprepared for parking and pedestrian traffic, or there are utility and power outages. DO NOT call the police department to inquire about curtailed operations.

Once operations are curtailed, announcements will be made via the following outlets:

  • The UNH Alert System will be activated. Sign up now:
  • Email messaging sent via directed communication
  • Storm Information Line (603) 862-0000
What about classes?

In-person will not occur in the event of curtailment, but classes may proceed virtually. It is up to each faculty member to decide; please monitor your email and Canvas.

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What about the bus?

Wildcat Transit and Campus Connector will be out of service during curtailed operations.
For more specific information call (603) 862-2328 or visit the transportation website.

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What about exams?

Online exams continue. In-person exams postponed. For more information visit the Registrar's website.

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Where and when can I eat?

When the university curtails operations, dining options are limited. For detailed information visit Dining's website or follow UNH Dining on Facebook.

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What can I do on campus during curtailed operations?

Wondering what might open even though the university is under curtailed operations? Go directly to them for the most up-to-date information; do not call campus police:

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UNH is closed but I have tickets to an event:

Call the appropriate number below to determine if it will be held when operations are curtailed at the university. DO NOT call University Police. Attendees at these events are urged to pay close attention to weather-related travel advisories and exercise caution in winter weather. UNH cannot be liable for individual decisions to enter the campus during weather-related curtailment of operations.

  • Museum of Art: 603-862-3712
  • Theatre and Dance: 603-862-2919
  • Music: 603-862-2404
  • Whittemore Center Box Office: 603-862-4000
  • Memorial Union Building (MUB): 603-862-2600

Access to buildings: Campus buildings are locked during curtailed operations. If you must have access during curtailed operations please see your supervisor about obtaining a key. DO NOT call the police department to give you access.

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Where can I park?

Wondering where to park during a Winter Parking Ban? Visit the transportation website for details and information.