Curriculum & Opportunities

Curriculum & Opportunities
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The Honors College Curriculum



You choose what experiences will complete your Honors College portfolio. Combine courses with research, travel, and hands-on learning to shape your own path.


Honors Community

Welcoming all majors and offering options for personalized studies, the Honors College is home to a diverse group of high-achieving students. Honors Gateway Experiences help to create an environment where our students feel connected to one another in Honors as well as to the entire campus and local community.

Experiential Learning

In the Honors College, we know that learning happens as much outside the classroom as inside it. UNH offers hundreds of high-impact learning experiences that count as Honors Units. An Honors Unit is roughly equivalent to one credit.

Honors Courses

The Honors College has a wide variety of courses that allow students to challenge themselves. Go deep into special topics with great professors in active, stimulating Honors Discovery courses, seminars, and symposia.

Icon depicting the four categories of experiences required for Honors graduation


Honors Units can be earned from both classroom and non-classroom experiences.

Honors Units are calculated based on credit hours for courses and credit-hour-equivalent time requirements for non-classroom experiences (1 Honors Unit is equivalent to approximately 45 hours).

The Honors College curriculum can work with your other academic requirements, allowing you to earn Honors Units through Honors versions of your major or general education requirements.

Honors Unit requirements

Every Honors student must complete 32 Units to graduate with University Honors. While you need to have some units in each category, the distribution is up to you! For example, you can take as few as 2 Honors courses (for 8 Units), but if you enjoy our discussion-based seminars, there's no limit on how many you can take. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can earn most of your Honors Units via high-impact cocurricular experiences like research, study abroad, and project-based learning. An Honors Advisor can help you plan your personal Honors curriculum.

Categories # of Units
Honors Gateway Experiences 2 Units
Honors Courses 8-26 Units 
Cocurricular Experiences 2-20 Units
Culminating Experience (an Honors Thesis, Honors Synthesis, or an Honors in Major Capstone) 2-8 Units
Total 32 Units