Culminating Experiences

Culminating Experiences
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The completion of your Honors journey



You've earned your Honors Units through Gateway Experiences, Honors Courses, and Cocurricular Experiences. Now it's time to bring it all together. Each Honors student must complete a Culminating Experience that earns at least 2 Honors Units. You have options:

Honors Thesis

(4-8 Honors Units)

The most traditional culminating Honors experience, the Honors Thesis is a sustained, independent research project that is advised by a faculty mentor. Each major has its own thesis course, which can count for 4-8 credits (as well as for 4-8 Honors Units). Thesis courses also often count as the capstone for the major. The Honors Thesis is a good choice for students pursuing graduate study or interested in research careers.

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Final Honors Project

(Variable Honors Units)

While Honors in many majors culminates in a thesis, some specify different experiences, like a team-based design project or a performance. Any experiences that counts as the final project for an Honors in Major program will also count as the University Honors Culminating Experience.

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Honors Synthesis

(2 Honors Units)

The Honors Synthesis is a student-designed learning experience that requires reflection on the learning journey. Students decide what deliverable best encapsulates their UNH experience--whether a performance, a business plan, an event, or something else. Students must engage with peer feedback on their Synthesis proposal, and present their project to other Honors College students at a final event.