Mission and Values

Mission and Values
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The Hamel Honors and Scholars College provides a community for motivated, inquisitive, high achieving students to interact with outstanding faculty while engaging in experiential and community-based learning, external engagement, and meaningful scholarship. 



Honors College Guiding Values

Belonging: We are committed to creating a culture and environment that welcome a diversity of backgrounds and thinking. 

Collaboration: We are committed to promoting transdisciplinary collaboration that brings together expertise from many disciplines to meet the complexity of real-world challenges. Transdisciplinary engagement produces knowledge and practices that go beyond any one disciplinary border, enhancing scholars’ grasp and enlarging their conception of what is possible. 

Community and Outreach: We are committed to building a supportive community within the Hamel Honors and Scholars College and to fostering broad civic engagement. 

Integrity: We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in personal, academic, and professional behavior. 

Leadership: We are committed to developing compassionate and empathetic leaders. 

Self-Determination: We are committed to empowering students to challenge themselves and make meaningful decisions that shape their learning experiences. 

Sustainability: We are committed to aligning with the UNH value of sustainability and the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.