Global Partners

The University of New Hampshire maintains cooperative agreements with foreign educational institutions around the world. Below is our current list. UNH is open to developing additional mutually beneficial relationships with our counterparts abroad, and UNH faculty or administrative personnel are welcome to propose new partnerships, with the support of their academic department and college. Please see our international agreements page for more information on establishing new international partnerships as well as memoranda-of-understanding templates.


United Nations flag Institute for International Education Multi-country Engineering Exchange


flag of Ghana Ghana


flag of Bhuta Bhutan
flag of China China
flag of Japan  Japan
flag of Korea South Korea
flag of Turkey Turkey

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand

flag of New Zealand New Zealand


flag of France France
flag of Germany Germany
flag of Greece Greece
flag of Hungary Hungary
flag of Ireland Ireland
flag of Italy Italy
flag of The Netherlands The Netherlands
flag of Russia Russian Federation
flag of Spain Spain
flag of Sweden Sweden
flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom


flag of Brazil Brazil
flag of Chile Chile
flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica
flag of Ecuador Ecuador
flag of Honduras  Honduras
flag of Mexico  Mexico