Work Study

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is financial aid that may be included in your aid package and provides funds for part-time employment. To use your work-study award, you must apply and get hired for a work-study job. 

The program provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Reduce their student loan burden
  • Pay for miscellaneous living expenses
  • Gain valuable work experience

Students are paid an hourly wage and may work more than one work-study job at a time, on or off campus. Paychecks are issued directly to students on a biweekly basis. They are not credited toward a student's tuition bill.

Job opportunities posted year-round on the Handshake site.

All employment forms for on-campus positions may be obtained from your supervisor; off-campus positions are available online.

The program is divided into two periods:

  • Academic year (September through May)
  • Summer (May through August)
    • Earnings are paid directly to the student according to the summer work-study payroll schedule.
    • Undergraduate and graduate students who wish to apply for summer Federal Work-Study program should file their FAFSA as soon as possible after Oct. 1. Summer work-study applications will be available on MyUNH after March 1 annually.

Students must complete a new employment authorization form at the beginning of each period even when keeping the same position.

Being eligible for the Work-Study program does not guarantee you a job, so be sure to be proactive in your search.

Find a Job

For additional career resources, including resume writing, interview skills and networking tips, visit the UNH Career and Professional Services site.