Granite Guarantee

No tuition for qualified in-state students

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Our commitment to your education

The Granite Guarantee covers the cost of tuition for all first-time, first-year, Pell Grant-eligible New Hampshire students enrolled in the 2018-2019 academic year.

This new program bridges the financial gap between a Pell Grant recipient’s total federal and state aid package and the cost of in-state tuition.

Qualified students must be enrolled full-time for both the spring and fall semesters and meet all the financial aid application deadlines.

The Granite Guarantee is helping 400 students on the Durham and Manchester campuses in its first year.

There is no paperwork

Accepted New Hampshire students who are Pell Grant-eligible are automatically enrolled. All you have to do is:

Ongoing support

Enrolled students will receive continued aid throughout their four years at UNH as long as they:

  • Remain at UNH for all four years
  • Remain enrolled full-time
  • Remain Pell-eligible
  • Continue to make satisfactory progess toward a degree

A significant achievement

While the need for support goes beyond these Pell-eligible members of the class of 2021, the Granite Guarantee is a significant achievement toward our goal of making a UNH education attainable to every student.

We aim to make the program available to all Pell Grant recipients in the coming years, including New Hampshire residents already enrolled at UNH.

Will I still have student loans?

Eligible students may still have loans to help pay for non-tuition expenses such as fees, room and board and books.

You also may qualify for an application fee waiver

Contact the Financial Aid office to learn more.