Granite Guarantee

Granite Guarantee
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A Tuition-Free UNH Education for Pell Grant Recipients



If you are a New Hampshire student eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, you may qualify for a free tuition program called the Granite Guarantee. This is the University of New Hampshire’s signature program supporting first-year, first-time students and transferring graduates from the Community College System of New Hampshire with significant demonstrated financial need. It bridges the gap between your total federal and state aid and the cost of in-state tuition.





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Here's how it works...



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Students who qualify for the Granite Guarantee are:

  • First-time, first-year New Hampshire students who are eligible for Federal Pell Grants

  • Pell-eligible transfer students who graduated from the Community College System of New Hampshire





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The Granite Guarantee is a signature financial aid program that makes it possible for qualified New Hampshire students to pay no UNH tuition. It is renewable for all four years as long as you remain financially eligible, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year and attend UNH full-time.

It does not cover costs beyond tuition, including fees, housing, food and books.




HOW graphic Apply to UNH and submit your FAFSA



No additional applications or paperwork are required in order to be eligible. All you need to do is apply to UNH and submit your FAFSA.

If you receive the Granite Guarantee, your financial award offer will show a combination of grants and scholarships covering the entire cost of tuition.



Granite Guarantee FAQs

A: UNH is committed to removing more of the financial barriers NH residents face with higher education.  Making a UNH education affordable for the best and brightest students will always be our priority.  Thanks to UNH’s successful fundraising campaign, Celebrate 150, we have funding available to launch this program.

A: You will not see a single type of aid listed as the Granite Guarantee. Instead, it’s a combination of scholarships and grants (state, federal and institutional) that add up to the entire cost of tuition charged on your bill.

A: As long as you continue making satisfactory progress toward your degree as a full-time student, continue to be Pell-eligible and remain a New Hampshire resident, you will pay no tuition for all four years. There is no GPA or minimum grade requirement to be eligible. The Granite Guarantee is a need-based program and a four-year commitment by UNH, as long as students maintain eligibility.

A: To figure out your financial responsibility after the Granite Guarantee, you’ll want to subtract the total of your financial assistance (all your grants and scholarships) from the actual cost of attendance, which is tuition, plus fees, room and board, textbooks and transportation. Once you have a clearer sense what is out of pocket, you’ll want to  talk with your family about the right financial decision for you.

A: Definitely not. First-generation students make up more than a quarter of the UNH undergraduate population. Our TRIO Scholars program provides academic support and mentorship every step of the way, above and beyond the individualized advising that defines the UNH experience.

A: Your financial aid package will include a combination of federal, state and UNH grants and scholarships equal to the cost of tuition that you do not need to pay back. Federal loans will also be available as a resource to be used towards other costs, such as fees and room & board. 

A:  The Granite Guarantee ensures that any Pell-eligible NH undergraduate (first-year, Durham and Manchester campuses) and graduate from the Community College System of New Hampshire will pay no tuition to attend UNH.  The Granite Guarantee is available to all admitted students who qualify. 

A: The Granite Guarantee ensures federal, state and UNH merit and grant aid, funds that students do not need to repay, will fully cover the cost of tuition.

A: Granite Guarantee eligible students who defer their enrollment to a future semester must meet eligibility requirements in the semester in which they actually enroll. First-time, first-year students who defer and do not enroll at another institution are still eligible for the Granite Guarantee at UNH. 

A: The Granite Guarantee covers full-time tuition for the fall and spring semesters, provided the student meets all eligibility requirements.  The Granite Guarantee does not apply to January term nor summer courses.

A: Students can transfer the Granite Guarantee between UNH campuses, but not between USNH institutions. 


Contact the UNH Financial Aid office at 603-862-3600 or