Alumni Association Scholarships

The UNH Alumni Association offers several scholarships that are intended to recognize and foster the values of leadership and academic excellence at UNH. They also express a proud tradition of philanthropy that ensures the continuance of opportunity for future generations of students.

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Due: March 31st

The Alumni Meritorious Service Award (AMSAA) Prize

The Alumni Meritorious Service Award Association (AMSAA) Prize is awarded to a sophomore student who has accumulated enough credits to advance to their junior year. The award is given based on academic achievement and involvement with extra-curricular activities on campus. Students must be nominated by their Dean or Associate Dean. Grade point average, social and extra-curricular performance on the University of New Hampshire campuses will be deciding factors. The Dean/Associate Dean will receive an email with link for application to nominate students.

Class of 1985 & 1986 Leadership Scholarship

The Class of 1985 & 1986 Leadership Scholarship will provide financial support to those students who dedicate significant time and energy to the University's recognized student organizations in addition to pursuing their studies. This scholarship carries with it the hope that the student's leadership will carry over into the alumni organization that supports the University of New Hampshire. The scholarship is awarded based on financial need.

David Ellsworth Davis - New Hampshire Scholarship

The David Ellsworth Davis-New Hampshire Scholarship Fund recognizes a student whose families have resided in New Hampshire for at least three generations. For the purposes of this award, three generations refers to the student, his or her mother and/or father, and any one of the student's maternal or paternal grandparents having been raised in or lived in New Hampshire for a majority of their lives. Students can submit a nomination for themselves or be nominated by a UNH faculty or staff member. Incoming admitted freshman may also submit a nomination for this scholarship.

The UNH Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

The UNH Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship is awarded to one incoming freshman student. This student must be a direct descendant of a relative (parent, grandparent or great-grandparent) who is/was an alumnus/a of the University of New Hampshire and who also had or continues to have a level of service to UNH. This $3,000 scholarship will follow the student throughout his/her four-year degree program at UNH, provided the recipient maintains a GPA of at least 3.2 and is in good standing all four years. The award is merit-based and the student must show strong leadership skills, an outstanding academic record, and broad extracurricular interests. Students may submit an application for review even if they have not made their final decision to accept.

J. Gregg Sanborn Scholarship

The J. Gregg Sanborn Scholarship recognizes student(s) who have made contributions to the enrichment of the campus community and embody the spirit and work of J. Gregg Sanborn. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage students to continue their involvement with the University of New Hampshire after graduation as alumni through service and/or philanthropy.

*Note: Class Standing for all awards is defined by the UNH Registrar's Office report of credits earned, as posted in Banner System.