SAAM&Campus Pride Month-Spotlight On: Healthy Relationships & Queer Identities

Tuesday, April 04, 2023 - 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Randhall Hall (upper quad) lounge 1

SAAM & Campus Pride Month-
Spotlight On: Healthy Relationships & Queer Identities
Tuesday April (4/4) | 7pm | Randall Hall Lounge 1 (Upper Quad)

The lessons we learn about relationships are typically billed as universal, but more often than not they come from a cisnormative and heteronormative perspective. In this program, we’ll explore relationship dynamics from a queer POV, covering what “the research” tells us (which may surprise you!) and examining how our own experiences and wisdom compare. Disclaimer: relationships of all kinds can be queer – sexual or romantic relationship experience not required! Join us for this open prevention program this April, available to all UNH community members!

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Vazza, Erica