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Will you be the first in your family to graduate from a four-year university with a bachelor’s degree? Did you receive a Pell grant / a lot of financial aid to attend UNH? UNH’s TRIO SSS program*, TRIO Scholars may be for you!

Why you want to be a TRIO Scholar:

The TRIO Scholars Program focuses on you--building your UNH experience and preparing you for the future you want when you graduate. That seems far away right now, but these years at UNH lay the foundation for future jobs or graduate school. It is not only the courses you take but the relationships you build, and the opportunities you choose to participate in.

TRIO Scholars connects you to “your team”:

  • Your TRIO Educational Counselor
  • Other TRIO Scholars who share their UNH experiences with you
  • Faculty who shares their knowledge of making the most of your degree
  • Career Counselors who guide you toward internships
  • Financial Aid experts who share strategies for filling out your FAFSA, understanding student loans, and access to ReisUP LIT: practical money advice for now and after you graduate
  • Student Academic Mentors who can share strategies on how to successfully navigate through your courses  

You’ll have access to tutoring, time management and organization skills, study strategies that save you time and get you better grades, exclusive scholarships, and preparation for career or graduate school!

We sponsor fun socials and offer prizes and incentives for some events and activities. Even more importantly, over 90% of TRIO Scholars are in Good Academic Standing, and persist at UNH from year to year.

Overall goals: You graduate UNH in the least time possible, in the major of your choice, with a resume that reflects your experiences outside of the classroom, and with a plan in place for after graduation. Let us navigate UNH with you, save you time and money, and prepare you for your career.

Are you curious to learn if you’re eligible to participate in TRIO Scholars @ UNH? Fill out an application or contact our office.

*TRIO-SSS, at UNH--TRIO Scholars, is a program funded by the US Department of Education and the University of New Hampshire. In 2021-22 federal funding totals $379,979 The University of New Hampshire contributes an additional $70,704 in matching funds. The project is funded to serve 200 students in 2021-22 and is for students who will be first in their families to complete a bachelor’s degree, come from modest financial backgrounds, or who are registered with Student Accessibility Services. If one or more of these is true for you, you may be eligible to participate in TRIO Scholars.