Established in 2022, the Sibling Aggression and Abuse Research and Advocacy Initiative (SAARA) represents the first program explicitly focused on changing perceptions of and reducing all forms of sibling aggression and abuse—physical, psychological, property, and sexual. Sibling aggression and abuse are linked with negative mental and physical health impacts across the lifespan.

Housed at the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, we have a talented team with decades of experience and a strong commitment to promoting child well-being.

Changing the way sibling aggression and abuse are viewed and responded to by parents, the public, and professionals is a big task that will take years of dedicated work. Our efforts will include working with those in fields as diverse as social work, medicine, education, and juvenile justice.

By donating to SAARA, you will help fund our work and support our vision of a world where children grow up free from violence. Some of the things your donation may fund include:

  • Providing parent education,
  • Training professionals,
  • Mentoring student interns,
  • Raising awareness on social media and in traditional media,
  • Advocating for changes in clinical practice and social policy,
  • Sharing research at conferences, and
  • Funding general support for SAARA.

Consider donating to support the work we’re doing at SAARA. Any donation amount is appreciated.

Donate to SAARA