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A cross-sectional study examining the (in) congruency of sexual identity, sexual behavior, and romantic attraction among adolescents in the United States
Ybarra, ML, Price-Feeney, M & Mitchell, KJ (online first). The Journal of Pediatrics,
2019 Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Paper
Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Relationship Abuse across Different Sexual and Gender Identities
Adolescent relationship abuse is a significant public health problem. National estimates suggest that one in four females and one in ten males are…
2021 Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Paper
Exposure to suicidal behavior and social support among sexual-and gender-minority youth
In this study, we examine reports of exposure to suicidal behavior by youth sexual and gender identity. We explore how exposure is related to…
2021 Self-Directed Violence, Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Paper
The Internet as a safety net: Findings from a series of online focus groups with LGB and non-LGB young people in the US
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2012 Sexual and Gender Minority Youth, Technology/Internet Victimization Paper