Self-Directed Violence

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What Youth Think About Participating in Research About Exposure to Self-directed Violence
To help reduce suicide and other forms of self-harm, research with youth and their exposure to self-directed violence is critical. Yet, we know…
2021 Bystander Behavior, Self-Directed Violence Paper
Are the Bystanders Okay? Exploring the Impact of Bystander Behavior for Self-directed Violence
The purpose of this study was to understand the range of emotions reported by youth bystanders, as well as the reactions they received from the at-…
2021 Bystander Behavior, Self-Directed Violence Paper
Exposure to Self-Directed Violence: Understanding Intention to Help and Helping Behaviors among Adolescents and Emerging Adults
Banyard, V., Mitchell, K. J., & Ybarra, M. L. (2021).   International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(16). Retrieved from…
2021 Bullying, Peer and Sibling, Self-Directed Violence Paper
Exposure to suicidal behavior and social support among sexual-and gender-minority youth
In this study, we examine reports of exposure to suicidal behavior by youth sexual and gender identity. We explore how exposure is related to…
2021 Self-Directed Violence, Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Paper
Youth exposure to suicide attempts: Relative impact on personal suicide ideation, thoughts of self-harm, and trauma
Mitchell, K. J., Turner, H. A., & Jones, L. M. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 56(1), 109-115. doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2018.09.008 (CV368)
2018 General Child Victimization, JVQ, Self-Directed Violence Paper