Police Operations

Patrol Division

The UNH Police Department’s Patrol Division consists of the sworn uniformed members of the department.  The Patrol Division is the most visible part of the Department.  Officers within the Patrol Division respond to emergency calls, take police reports, investigate crimes, and are authorized to make arrests and conduct searches.  The Patrol Officers also conduct community events which can include personal and/or computer safety talks, self-defense classes, and Q&A sessions. 

The UNH Police Department utilizes several vehicles, beyond the traditional police cruiser, to more efficiently patrol campus. 


UPD Bikes with Wildcat

The University of New Hampshire Police Department currently utilizes two Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles.  Only officers who have completed an intense forty-hour training course and are certified to operate police motorcycles are assigned to the motorcycle.  These officers also must possess a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.

The motorcycle officers perform many functions for the department and the university community. As with most police motorcycle units, the UNH Police motorcycle officers carry out routine patrol, enforce motor vehicle laws, crime prevention, and perform traffic details.  The motorcycle officers can also perform specialized functions including escorts of dignitaries and parades.  The UNH Police Department also deploys the motorcycle officers to the City of Laconia for their annual Motorcycle Week. 



The UNH Police Department has several mountain bicycles for its use by patrol officers.  As with any other piece of police equipment the officers must be trained in its use.  Officers must attend a week long school to be certified as a bicycle patrol officer.  Patrolling on a bike gives the officer a great deal of mobility and enables the officer to quickly and efficiently patrol and respond to areas of campus that are inaccessible to patrol vehicles but too large for traditional foot patrols. 



The most recent and technologically advanced patrol vehicles acquired by the UNH Police Department are the Segways.  We have found that officers assigned to the Segways are approached more by the community.  The community becomes more willing to engage the officer in conversation when on Segway and have a positive interaction with the officer.  Therefore, the community policy benefit of the Segway is very high.  Also, the officer is more visible and able to project a stronger police presence, the officer is able to efficiently patrol a larger patrol area then on foot and is capable of traveling indoor and out while on the Segway.

Investigative Services

The UNH Police Department Investigative Services Division (ISD) investigates felony level crimes and misdemeanors that require lengthy follow-up.  The Investigative Services Division is staffed by Detectives who, due to the nature of their assignment, are sworn Strafford County Sheriff Deputies; giving them police authority in the entire state of New Hampshire.  The personnel assigned to Investigative Services Division receive specialized training (some of which include; crime scene management, interview and interrogation, computer crimes, narcotic investigations, etc.).  Felony level crimes that the Division's detectives investigate can include:

  • Sexual Assaults
  • First and Second Degree Assaults
  • Thefts over $1000
  • Criminal Mischief over $1500
  • Drug related crimes

Detectives of the Investigative Services Division prepare cases for prosecution by the County Attorney’s Office.  Prosecution of all felony level crimes in our county is under the purview of the Strafford County Attorney’s Office.  

The Investigative Services Division routinely works with the other local and state law enforcement agencies as well as federal law enforcement agencies.  The Investigative Services Division’s Detectives belong to several professional associations and participate in information sharing networks. 

The Investigative Services Division provides protection to visiting dignitaries and controversial public figures and work closely with the US Secret Service during presidential and vice presidential visits.    

Additionally, the Investigative Services Division conducts pre-employment background investigations on department candidates. 

The Division is supervised by Deputy Chief Steven Lee, the Operations Commander.