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Smoke on the Water

UNH researchers will study Amazonia's wildfire history from thousands of years ago to understand how fire might affect the region in the future. Read More

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  • Snowy trail in a northern forest
    - Winter Is Coming. Or Is It?
    “Winter is coming,” the saying goes. But is it? New research from UNH has found clear signs of a decline in frost days, snow covered days and other indicators of winter that could... Read More
  • alumni_scoiety_award
    - Capturing Climate Science at its Core
    When Julie Palais ‘78 completed an assignment in the final days of her undergraduate career at UNH, she had no idea it was the seed that would sprout an award-winning career as a... Read More
  • ​Alana Gudinas ‘20​
    - Affirming Potential
    Two UNH students are receiving help with their education through the Goldwater Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships of up to $7,500 a year. Read More
  • UNH's Nancy Kinner
    - Coming Full Circle
    "Neither of my parents went to college, but they were insistent on two things: You were going to go to college ... You better like what you do...” Read More
  • Overhead shot of Thompson Hall with fall foliage
    - CoRE Support
    Interdisciplinary research projects receive support. Read More
  • A view of UNH's campus
    - Meet UNH's New Faculty for 2019
    They’re scholars of psychology and security studies, nutrition and natural resources, economics, engineering and more. Read More
  • CIBBR kicks off Fall 19 Seminar series with UC Santa Barbara's  Dr. Kevin Plaxco
    - CIBBR kicks off Fall 19 Seminar series with UC Santa Barbara's Dr. Kevin Plaxco
    The first  CIBBR-sponsored seminar Fall 2019 will be collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and  the Materials Science Program.  It will feature... Read More
  • Trench leading from a spring to the wall where villagers can get water
    - DO Drink the Water
    There’s a pipe that comes out of a cement wall in a village in Malawi that Emma Turgeon ‘19 helped put there. Before the pipe, there was a trench to dig, and the wall to build and... Read More
  • Summer Research Workshop Discussion Group
    - What Makes for a Successful Researcher?
    Being a successful researcher involves much more than just conducting research—a researcher must also be a strong communicator, a participant in the greater scientific community,... Read More
  • UNH professor Ray Cook and therapy-dog-in-training Tucker
    - Engineering a Better World
    "Studying abroad and studying the arts changed my life." Read More