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How Can Students Get Involved in Advocacy, Outreach, and Community Service?

Interested in becoming involved in advocacy, outreach, and/or community service? The Carsey School offers three graduate degrees that can prepare you for a fulfilling career in education, outreach, advocacy, and/or community work. This recent blog article examines why advocacy matters and includes perspective from some of the School's students and alum on their experiences in Carsey's three degree programs: the Master of Public Administration, Master in Public Policy, and Master in Community Development.

One Million And Counting

The University of New Hampshire's uniquely designed lab has completed more than one million tests to detect and monitor the coronavirus. The cutting-edge lab not only performs specifically designed self-swab tests for students, faculty and staff but also plays an important testing role to help provide a safe environment for the greater community by processing tests for more than 125 other groups, including secondary schools, long term-care facilities and other colleges in the state.

NBC News: U.S. Population Growth at Lowest Rate Since Nation’s Founding

NBC News interviewed Ken Johnson, Senior Demographer with the Carsey School, regarding 2021’s decline in the U.S. population growth rate – reportedly the largest decline since the nation’s founding. Impacts on the population growth rate included, most notably, COVID-19, along with lower birth rates among women of childbearing age. 

The Washington Post: U.S. Population Growth Hits Record Low, Slowed by Pandemic

Tara Bahrampour of The Washington Post reported on 2021’s U.S. population growth of just 0.1 percent – the lowest rate since the country’s founding – and included an interview with Ken Johnson of the Carsey School of Public Policy. Johnson said, “In addition to 475,000 deaths directly attributable to covid during the period, it also increased mortality by hindering people’s access to treatment for other health conditions, discouraged people from having babies, and reduced immigration.”

ABC News: US Population Growth at Lowest Rate in Pandemic’s 1st Year

The U.S. population growth dipped to an all-time low during the COVID-19 pandemic’s first year. ABC News reported on this shift, interviewing Carsey School Senior Demographer Ken Johnson, who described the decline in natural population increase as “stunning” and added that 2021 represented the smallest spread of births over deaths in more than eight decades.

NH Public Radio: Report: One-quarter of U.S. households with young children struggle to find child care

Todd Bookman of New Hampshire Public Radio recently reported on the nationwide dearth of adequate child care, citing new research from Jess Carson at the Carsey School of Public Policy. Carson, along with additional researchers from UNH, authored the brief: Childcare Remains Out of Reach for Millions in 2021, Leading to Disproportionate Job Losses for Black, Hispanic, and Low-Income Families

Today.com: US population hit its lowest rate in 2020: Here’s why it matters

“U.S. natural increase was already at a low ebb prior to COVID with the fertility rate hitting a new record low each year and deaths steadily rising due to the population aging.”

Carsey School Senior Demographer Ken Johnson recently spoke with Today.com about the “stunning” decline in natural population increase last year.