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USNH Employees – Earn Your Masters Degree from the Carsey School for Free!

Employment within the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) offers benefits beyond the beautiful campus, comprehensive healthcare, and retirement planning. As a USNH employee, you are also eligible to receive outstanding tuition benefits, including up to a 100 percent discount on tuition costs for credit-bearing courses, up to a 50 percent discount for non-credit courses, and up to a 50 percent discount on current in-state tuition for eligible spouse and children. Learn more in the Carsey School's latest blog article.

Laconia Daily Sun: Racist bullying in schools, a problem no one likes to admit

The Laconia Daily Sun reports on issues of racist bullying in New Hampshire schools and cites a Carsey School of Public Policy study that identifies recent census data putting the state among the whitest in the nation. According to the study and census data, New Hampshire is 91.2% white; however, between 2011-19, racial diversity grew more than 5% in the state.